Mansuri Fashion House

Mansuri Fashion House first opened its doors in 2001 in Port Louis, Mauritius offering customers kurtas and loose fabric made from hand-woven fabric. Sajid Mansuri, the chairman and founder, had the intent of reviving the ancient craft of the hand loom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner. MFH, which means “hand-woven”, has stayed true to its name and continues to produce a fusion of styles to complement both the east and west, while still using hand-woven fabrics on select products.

MFH defines its lines as Concepts and initially had Prêt (Ready-to-Wear), Unstitched (Fabric) and Man (Eastern Wear). Over the years, MFH has introduced a number of new Concepts including Khaas (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces), Kids (for 2-12 year olds), Accessories (jewelry, stoles and handbags) and Home (featuring furniture, bedding and bath items).

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